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breast enhancement natural Male ejaculation problems (more)
Ejaculatory incompetence
It is a specific form of male sexual dysfunction that can be considered either primary or secondary in character. From diagnostic and therapeutic points of view,...
Premature ejaculation
From a clinical point of view it is extremely difficult to define the syndrome of premature ejaculation. Most definitions refer specifically to the duration of intravaginal containment ...
Sexual failures
Several episodes of erective failure had developed during the last six months of the marriage. ...
Cause of ejaculation incompetence
In a case of 12 men never able to ejaculate intravaginally with their wives, five were tense, anxious products of severe religious orthodoxy: one of Jewish,...
Premature ejaculation help
When the male is approached pelvically, stimulative techniques are best conducted ...
Ejaculatory incompetence treatment
Treatment of ejaculatory incompetence follows the basic approach described for treatment of premature ejaculation....
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