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breast enhancement doctor2 Menstrual hygiene is of great importance to a woman's health. The most important is careful personal cleanliness. In some Asian countries, the old superstition that the vagina must not be washed is a hygienic heresy. Fortunately, with the creation of sanitary pads to super absorption tampons (a pencil-shaped dressing, which is inserted into the vagina and is capable of absorbing a considerable amount of menstrual discharge) and feminine wash to ensure vaginal cleanliness.

Sanitary Pads
The use of these pads, have the disadvantage of frequently chafing the sensitive skin of the inner thighs and external vagina. While inserting tampons may be another solution but it needed some practice. The best-known, Tampax, was popular among women in the 80s and 90s. At initial, some people object to the use of tampons as though putting foreign body inside them but they fear most is it will involve dilation or destruction of the hymen or 'virginity'.

However, an increasingly large number of women are ceasing to any attached sentimental value of the hymen and there is no evidence of real "chastity." A woman's hymen may be widely dilated, or have even disappeared entirely, even though the fact that she has never indulged either in sexual intercourse and preserve her hymen quite intact, or involve in masturbation.

Most tampons users wear it for longer than the advised hours and some absurd case, strings torn and a doctor assistance is needed to take it out, or simply forgotten to withdraw it out. Soon these tampons users were contracted with vaginal infections.

In fact, the more the menstrual discharge, the more often the user must change a new pad or tampon. If the discharge is very heavy, it may be necessary to wear a pad as well. Unlike pads, the use of the tampons prevents being 'feeling' so soaked with discharge as to cause discomfort.

In present times, some cultures and religion beliefs still considered a menstrual woman dirty or unclean. And yet, when one considers the careless habits (stains, leaks) of some women during menstruation, there would seem to be a certain justification for the old belief.

Feminine Wash
It is essential at that time that the genital parts should be washed daily with lukewarm water and soap, then dried and powdered, the latter as a protection against abrasion. The vagina may be douched daily with lukewarm water, and baths taken, but very hot or very cold baths should be avoided until after the flow has ceased. Last, panties may be changed as often as desired.

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