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Female sexual dysfunction
In the past, the socio cultural requisite that the female dissemble her sexual feelings did not lessen general interest in female sexuality. ..
Female fertility
Some women get pregnant very easily. Others believe it is a miracle when they finally conceive. Fertility problems are now regarded as "couple problems," yet the breakdown between the genders is interesting...
Signs of female orgasmic dysfunction
In order to be diagnosed as having primary orgasmic dysfunction, a woman must report lack of orgasmic attainment during her entire lifespan. There is no definition of male sexual dysfunction that parallels...
Warning signal
When a fertilized egg arrives in the uterus, the lining must be precisely prepared to receive it. If the egg is released too soon or too late, the uterus lining will be either too immature or too ripe for implantation. The fertilized egg cannot survive unless it becomes implanted in the uterus, and will be shed...
Common causes of orgasmic dysfunction
For many women one of the most frequent causes for orgasmic dysfunction, either primary or situational, is lack of complete identification with the marital partner. The husband may not meet her expectations...
Fertility drugs
There are different kinds of fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries. Each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of time, negative side effects, cost, and so on. Some are taken orally, others require shots. Still others are delivered via a pump which...
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