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The term dyspareunia difficult or painful coitus, has always been presumed to refer to coital distress in women. The word stems from the Greek, and somewhat freely translates into "badly mated." Since no comparable word reflecting ...
Vaginismus is a psycho physiological syndrome affecting women freedom of sexual response by severely, if not totally, impeding coital function. Anatomically this clinical entity involves all components of the pelvic musculature investing the perineum and outer third of the vagina..
Vaginal infection
Among the most distressing of the many factors in dyspareunia are the complaints of burning, itching, or aching in the vagina during or after...
Infected vaginal
When chronic vaginal irritation is suggested by direct inspection of the vaginal barrel and confirmed by adequately stained vaginal smear or hanging-drop preparation of the vaginal discharge, which may be profuse and irritating, the husband also should be suspected of harboring the trichomonads, ..
Vaginismus treatment
The initial and most important step in the treatment of vaginismus is physical demonstration of the existence of the involuntary vaginal spasm conducted to the clinical satisfaction ...
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