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Sexual Development
Breast growth is usually the first sign of sexual development. The tiny budding breasts look like small round bulges behind the nipple; the gland tissue and fat cells start to develop in this one place. The areola swells too, and the effect looks ...
Menstruation is the release of blood and endometrial tissue through the vagina that occurs as part of the normal menstrual cycle. Menstrual disorders may involve the absence of menses (amenorrhea), abnormal vaginal bleeding or other conditions ...
Feminine Hygiene
Menstrual hygiene is of great importance to a woman's health. The most important is careful personal cleanliness. In some Asian countries, the old superstition that the vagina must not be washed is a hygienic heresy. ..
To Douche or Not
Douching is a procedure of vaginal irritation in which fluid in a bag is permitted to run through a tube, entering the vagina under slight pressure and ballooning it out slightly. As the fluid runs out or is expelled through muscular action,...
Painful Periods
Dysmenorrhea can range from mild to severe cramps in the lower abdomen, pulling pains at the inner thighs, backache, fainting, nausea, actual vomiting, hot and cold flushes, diarrhoea, or dizziness with headaches. Prostaglandins are hormones made in abundance during menstruation...
Irregular Periods
Keep in mind that up to day 14, the uterus lining is proliferative, thick and hard, and dividing in no particular direction. After mid cycle, the lining is secretory; it stops dividing and becomes soft and lush. Estrogen and progesterone control this. In turn, they are controlled by the pituitary hormones. ..
Know your breasts
Most likely very little. Unless they develop breast problems (sagging, small breast, heavy droopy breast etc.). Women usually are not motivated to learn about...
Breasts Shapes
Many a tear has been shed over the average breast- tears of pride and pleasure, tears of panic and pain...
Anatomy of the Breasts
The various structures which make up breast tissue are listed as follows...
Breast & phytoestrogen
The three major hormones affecting the breast are oestrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. The breast influence by the female hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) whose levels vary...
Breast care
How you care for your breast will tell how they looked? Spend a minute and looked at yourself ...
There are many other organisms which can attack the area. They come under the generic terms nonspecific vaginitis and vulvitis. Nonspecific refers...
Genital Warts
Molluscum Contagiosum: There are two kinds of warts, simple and genital. Both can infect the genitals;...
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
PID is a generic name for any infection of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries. These are normally germ-free. Their position keeps them safe from infection,...
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