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Menopause introduction
Women often feel confused about just what this important passage will do to their lives and how they should approach it....

Is menopause a sign of aging or hormone imbalance? Although science has been studying aging for decades, we're still not sure what aging actually is,...

Types of menopause
Menopause should be an easy, smooth transition in a woman's life once it is recognize. For many,..

Menopause symptoms
People once mistakenly thought depression and moodiness were to be expected of women going through their change of life. Although we now know it's a myth ..

Changes After Menopause
The following changes do not begin until some years after menopause. Many women do not experience them. A few find that they start earlier. Most of the changes are a normal part of the aging process, and not due to estrogen ...
Menopause relief
Herbal lore isn't generally part of our culture, so before using any herb to treat a specific complaint, you need to learn the basics about herbal therapy. Although "herbs" technically refers to the above ground parts of plants,...
Herbal remedy for menopause
Usually have dual or multiple positive effects. Therefore, herbs are usually prescribed differently than conventional medicines. It rather than treat one isolated symptom, herbs are generally ...
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